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Anything regarded as “therapeutic” can be linked to the healing of disease or to mental clarity. In a medicinal sense, this term is connected with the treatment of disease and the efficacy of curing agents.  There are many types of treatments that fall under the therapeutic umbrella, both traditional and holistic.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapeutic remedies come in the form of healing that considers the entire person, or “whole” person, including the mind, spirit, body, and sentiments. When all of these interconnected parts are in harmony, the individual would be living at the optimal level of health and wellness. Holistic therapy operates under the philosophy that one can achieve optimal health by nurturing the body through methods like a healthy diet and exercise, and the mind with rituals like meditation. Complementary to these more intuitive therapies are acupuncture, seeing a chiropractic care, homeopathy, massage therapy, and others. When determining what type of therapeutic route to take, most holistic practitioners make sure the strategy looks beyond pills.  

Physical Therapy

As it comes to chronic pain, physical therapy is a type of treatment one may need when health problems, injuries, or inflammation can make it difficult or impossible to be mobile or complete everyday tasks without assistance. This approach can help you feel better, alleviate pain, and restore physical function and fitness. It can be used alone, or paired with medication or holistic recommendations. Typically, according to WebMD, “your physical therapist will examine you and talk about your symptoms and your daily activity. He or she will then work with you on a treatment plan. The goals of physical therapy are to help your joints move better and to restore or increase your flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and/or balance.”

Therapy can take on many shapes, sizes, approaches and appearances, but it is the overall quest for wellness, both of the body and mind. To try one way of holistically reducing inflammation, try magnetic therapy.