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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I wear my magnetic therapy jewelry?

We wish we could give you a scientific answer, but since we’re all unique and have our own individual aches & pains, we encourage you to have fun and experiment with how and where you wear your jewelry to achieve the maximum benefits.

What hand or finger should I wear my magnetic jewelry on?

Wherever those pesky aches are! Try experimenting wearing your bracelet or ring on different hands/fingers to see where you feel the maximum effect.

How do I put on my jewelry?

It’s simple! Most of our bracelets are easily adjustable and slide onto the wrist in a comfortable manner. Then, sit back and admire.  Please note that they come in different sizes to accommodate larger and smaller wrists alike, depending on the style.

Can I wear my magnetic bracelet alongside my watch?

No, you aren’t going crazy. The magnets in the magnetic bracelets, when worn alongside a battery operated watch, may affect the timing of the watch. It is also possible, if you have a battery operated watch, that the magnets may affect the power from the battery.

What is your guarantee and return policy?

All of our products come with a 60 day full satisfaction money back guarantee, administered by Amazon, to ensure you are happy with your purchase. We’re confident you will be satisfied, but if you have any problems feel free to contact us directly via

Do you offer free shipping & when will my order arrive?

All our fulfillment and shipping is done through Amazon.  If you are Prime Member, your shipping will be free and your order will be received in two business days.  Now that’s a short wait for a pain-free life!

What is gauss?

Let’s dig back to our physics class…..(yikes!). Gauss is a commonly used measure of the strength of a magnet named after the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss. The higher the gauss, the higher the magnetic strength. But more gauss does not always mean better results.  Our magnetic products deliver over 15,000 core gauss.

How important is gauss?

Gauss is not the only measure of a magnet and can be misleading. Other factors can also be important such as the size and type of the magnet(s) and also where the magnet(s) is worn.

What are rare-earth magnets?

Rare-earth magnets are strong permanent magnets made from alloys of rare earth elements. They are the strongest type of permanent magnets. We’re really packing a punch against this pain!

Can I bathe or swim in my magnetic jewelry?

That’s up to you, but we have suggestions. It depends on what the magnetic jewelry is made of. In some cases tap and pool water can damage the cosmetic look of the jewelry.

For cosmetic reasons we suggest removing copper jewelry before bathing or swimming. Magnetic hematite jewelry should be kept as dry as possible, so give them a break if you’re going for a dip!

How do I clean & care for my copper jewelry?

Ah, the joys of aging gracefully. Most people allow copper to age and tarnish naturally, particularly where it is worn against the skin. To keep your bracelet in nice condition, wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Will copper turn my skin colors?

Real copper can naturally react to some people's perspiration and turn skin and copper green or blue or black. This is a common reaction that may happen because of the nature of real copper. It can be removed with soap and water. Not everyone experiences this effect, though it is perfectly normal.

Are there important precautions I should know before using magnets?

Yes. You should not use magnets if you have an electronic implanted medical device such as a pacemaker, defibrillator pump or if you are pregnant.  Our products are not sold as medical devices nor should they replace professional opinion and or prescribed medications, medical treatment and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Always consult with your doctor before use.