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Your Journey To Healing

Earth Therapy was created with the belief that pain should never restrain you.

We conceptualized Earth Therapy with a simple conviction -- chronic pain should never hold you back from the things that you love. As parents, grandparents, travelers, thrill seekers, and all around go-getters, saying “no” to a new adventure just is not an option. Chronic pain can really take a toll on your physical and mental well-being, so we started Earth Therapy two years ago to help you embark on your journey of healing.

We’re aware that a healthy life is a way of travel, not a destination. Equipped with the drive to help you live a pain-free life, we began our research into holistic healing and ignited a passion to deliver a solution. Earth Therapy is the answer to alternative therapy: we offer powerful pain-management paired with style. Earth Therapy’s award winning, artisan therapy jewelry and accessories are made to the highest quality standards. Our goal is to offer individuals a holistic approach to pain management that suits their lifestyle -- combining fashion with function.

Earth Therapy is more than just a jewelry company. We’re a community dedicated to fighting chronic pain together, so that you can take back control and live to your fullest potential. Laugh louder, run faster, do more together.

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Our Mission 

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” - Hippocrates

At Earth Therapy, we love creating products that make your life easier. We operate under the fundamental belief that pain management should be simple, and our jewelry and accessories deliver on that promise.  We have sourced some of the highest quality materials like pure copper and rare earth magnets to deliver innovative holistic healing.

We’re committed to making a change in modern medicine, and that pain management should be accessible to the masses. Our holistic pain management system is non-invasive, effective, and stylish. We made strides to create a premium, advanced product at an attainable price point.

We know that life doesn’t stop when chronic pain starts, so we created a product to help empower you to start a journey of healing. Your stories are our motivation, and we are committed to being your helping hand.

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