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Could copper be the answer to arthritis?

For centuries copper has been used in alternative medicine to relieve the pain of arthritis and joint conditions but until recently there was little scientific evidence to prove it actually works. Could that be about to change?

Professor James Webner, an expert in human health research at the Whittington Hospital in north London, was so impressed by the ability of copper bracelets to consistently alleviate the pain of his arthritis over the past six years that he set up a study of 358 fellow sufferers to test them further.

Professor Webner says: “About 15 per cent of the population is affected by arthritis. If regular use of copper bracelets could help, it would be of great benefit to society.”For the study, James chose the popular Earth Therapy Copper bracelets and gave them out to the volunteers. After just 2 weeks of use, 96 per cent of the volunteers reported a significant improvement in their symptoms and reduction in arthritis-related pain.

Copper is an essential nutrient for the body and critical for haemoglobin synthesis, connective tissue metabolism, bone development and nerve function. Many older people are deficient in the mineral, and the theory behind wearing copper next to the body in the form of bracelets is that small traces of the mineral is absorbed through the skin and circulated through the body to relieve inflammation and pain.

Another medic interested in copper’s healing powers is eminent cardiologist Dr John Coltart. He observed early in his career that people who worked with copper rarely suffered from arthritis.

“Most of us know about the benefits of iron in medicine but although copper has been around since time began we have never really appreciated it properly until now,” he says.

Dr Coltart says that absorbed in proper amounts copper can reduce anaemia and bone disease, fight cell damage and promote fetal development.

At least 20 per cent of the population suffers from copper deficiency yet few of us are aware of the disorders associated with it. These include osteoporosis, arthritis and colon cancer. Fans of Earth Therapy copper bracelets include singer Dame Cleo Laine and actresses Kathleen Turner and Maureen Lipman, who use them for pain management.

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