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Buddha Root Chakra Bracelet Set
Buddha Root Chakra Bracelet Set
Buddha Root Chakra Bracelet Set
Buddha Root Chakra Bracelet Set

Buddha Root Chakra Bracelet Set

Earth Therapy
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Why You'll Love It

Gold Plated Volcanic Lava and Hematite Healing Bracelets for Men, Women, and Yogi

  • Luxurious and stylish. These gorgeous and refined bracelets make a statement. One is crafted from opulent, fiery black volcanic beads encompassing a gold-plated Buddha head. The other is made with smooth, sleek hematite stones with a bold, complementing the silver Buddha head. This elegant set is ideal as a Prayer Mala, Meditation Aid, or gift solution.
  • Healing stones. Volcanic Lava and Hematite, historically regarded as a powerful stones, are known to have amazing healing properties. These stones bring emotional peace, aid tranquility, and possess powers to bring the mind, body, and spirit into harmony.
  • One size fits most wrists. The base of these bracelets is made from stretchable elastic, which has been reinforced with nylon for maximum strength. Comes with one-year guarantee.
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Luxurious, Elegant Volcanic and Hematite Healing Bracelet Set
These meditative aids are ideal for anyone who wants to heal their mind, body, and spirit. Perfectly tailored for the Yogi on-the-go, busy mother or father, and anyone seeking stress-relief, Earth Therapy brings an excellent stylish solution. Whether you are new to meditation, yoga, or natural healing, or you are a seasoned pro, you can equally benefit from integrating volcanic lava and hematite into your routine. 

Why Healing Stones? 
Volcanic Lava and Hematite are thought to bring inner peace, resolution, and meditative strength while dissolving negative energy and thoughts into love and positivity. These edgy black stones have been used for centuries as an alternative to medicine as a holistic health solution.

Volcanic Lava and Hematite have also been known to balance root Chakras. Maintaining a healthy root Chakra is important in maximizing life energy, endurance, rhythm, and connection to nature.