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Pocket Guardian Angels Value Pack

Pocket Guardian Angels Value Pack

Earth Therapy
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Why You'll Love It
Always have a Guardian Angel by your side!
  • Hand-carved pocket angels. Made from an Opalite stone that is opalescent and reflects flashes of blue, orange and pearl white, finished in a smooth silky texture.
  • Multi-use, multi-room. Free standing approximately 1¾" tall makes it easy to proudly displayed on any surface.
  • Ultimate protection and inspiration. Each of the 3 Pocket Angels is packaged in an ornate organza gift bag making it an ideal gift.
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Inspire and protect with spiritual shelter and guidance.

Each Opalite Angel is hand carved and comes with a gold organza gift bag and Angel Poem gift card. Place the protection of your Angel in your car to help guide you through your journeys. Also adorn your child's room to make them feel safe & secure knowing that their Angel is close by providing them protection.  Display on your work desk or any surface as a lovely angel ornament or lucky charm.

Why do we charge opalite to carve our angels?
Touching Opalite is believed to bring peace and harmony and enable contact with higher Cosmic Energies. It is often used by Clairvoyants and Visionaries to bring flashes of inspiration and psychic healing.  Hold in your palm and caress for stress reduction.