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The Healing Stones of Earth Therapy

Healing stones from Earth Therapy

Healing stones can be a great way to channel the energy you need to maintain an active, happy, and healthy life while still making use of traditional medicine, including exercise, appropriate medications, and good nutrition. Familiarize yourself with the healing stones found in Earth Therapy products.

Rose Quartz

The stone of love. If self-care and self-love are one of the most important qualities we can have, then rose quartz is a stone worth having. Not only does it encourage unconditional love, it also strengthens and balances the physical heart and circulatory system. As it releases impurities from body fluids, it speeds up recovery, reduces high blood pressure, and alleviates vertigo.

Green Aventurine

An all-around healing stone, green aventurine provides benefits for the hearts, sinuses, liver, and lungs. It neutralizes electromagnetic pollution and blocks out disruptive energies from electronic equipment, including television and computers. For comfort and all-around well-being, green aventurine is a beautiful and calming stone.  


Opalite can be used to balance and align your energies. It can also be used to support healthy lung functions and help oxygenate the body to keep the blood and kidneys purified. If you have fibroids or other types of cysts, opalite is known to disperse them, which makes sense since opalite is known to remove energetic blockages in the body.

Lava Rock

With the intense power of volcanoes, lava rock (a.k.a. Basalt) can be used as your spirit guide. It’s an excellent healing aid especially when you’re going through a major life change. Lava rock is a power stone that grounds you with an energy of strength and courage and is known as an effective mood stabilizer. Invigorate your emotional and physical health with a lava stone.


A calming stone that grounds you to keep you in the moment, hematite is a great stone for anyone with anxiety and limitations of the mind. It dissolves negative energy and the energy of the stone itself is said to reinvigorate the blood. It also stimulates the absorption of iron and formation of red blood cells. For insomnia, anxiety, or leg cramps, hematite is the perfect balancing stone.



For the last few years, healing stones have been gaining popularity across the country, but their natural healing powers have been used for centuries all over the world. Sourced from the elements of the Earth, these stones act as channels of energy to improve mental, physical, and emotional function with every intention you call on. The healing powers of crystals are worth trying alongside your usual health and fitness routine to keep you on the pain-free path.

 Discover the healing powers of stones with Earth Therapy. 

Discover the healing power of Earth Therapy stones