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5 Easy Yoga Poses for Pain

What if you could find pain relief with minimal impact and motion? That’s what yoga can do for you! Working through the pain might sound counterintuitive but through slow movements and stretches, you might be surprised to find that yoga is the extra boost you need to help manage your pain (even some arthritis pain!).

It’s important to realize that different levels of stiffness and progression will influence your mobility but that doesn't mean you can’t find relief with the right pose!


Protecting your wrists when starting any yoga practice is essential. This can be done with simple wrist stretches and warm-ups. For lasting wrist pain relief, you can also use Earth Therapy magnetic copper bracelets. These elegant, unisex bracelets can be worn daily to minimize pain and discomfort to keep you moving and flowing.

Here are 5 easy yoga poses for pain

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is great for relieving tension in your back. It also gently challenges and opens your hips, ankles, and chest to release synovial fluid into your knees to lubricate your joints.

Childs pose with Earth Therapy Lava Stone Buddha Bracelet

Placing your knees as wide as you comfortably can, slowly lower your chest down to rest either on or in between the tops of your thighs. Make sure to keep your back flat as you reach up to the top of your mat. Breath slowly and deeply, sinking closer to your mat with every exhale.

Yogi Tip: Add a drop of lavender oil to your Lava Rock Buddha Root Chakra Bracelet for a burst of soothing scent as you move through the poses.   

Cat Pose

Cat pose is great if you’re experiencing back pain or discomfort and increases flexibility and improves posture, not to mention it feels amazing.

Cat pose with Earth Therapy Hematite Buddha Bracelet

Place your hands on your mat, shoulder width apart, and further apart from your chest so that your wrists are not directly under your shoulders. This will help alleviate any unnecessary pressure. Inhale and arch your back and feel your spine elongating and relieving tension.

Cow Pose 

Cow pose is commonly used in unison with cat pose, transitioning from cat to cow with every breath.

Cow Pose with the Earth Therapy Copper Magnetic Silver Yoga Bracelet

Maintain the same position with your arms and keep your legs hip-width apart. As you curve your back and lift your head towards the sky, take in a deep breath and exhale as you transition into cat pose. Take a deep breath in for cow pose and hold for 3 seconds, then exhale deeply and slowly as you enter cat pose.  

Yogi Tip: Keep your wrist pain-free by wearing an Earth Therapy Copper Magnetic Yoga Bracelet before, during, and after your yoga practice.

Cobra Pose

To relieve pain in your neck and back, try the cobra pose. This pose works especially well for stress pain and helps tone your back muscles while increasing flexibility of movement.

Cobra Pose with the Earth Therapy Lava Rock Buddha Bracelet

Lie on your stomach and bring your palms next to your shoulders, tucking your elbows in. As you press down with your hands, take a deep breath in and push your upper body up to a comfortable height and look up, if possible. As you lower your body, exhale deeply and slowly.

Seated Spinal Twist

If you’re experiencing discomfort in your back, a seated spinal twist is a great way to alleviate the tension.

Seated Spinal Twist with Earth Therapy Magnetic Copper Yoga Bracelet

Start by sitting on the floor with your legs extended. Bring your right foot over your left leg and sit up nice and tall. Place your left arm on your knee to help you twist to the right and take a deep breath, keeping your back straight. Exhale as you come back to center.

A few tips before starting your yoga practice

Tips before doing yoga | Earth Therapy

  • Prevent wrist pain by warming up and stretching. You can warm up your wrist with simple stretches and wear your Earth Therapy Magnetic Copper Bracelet while you move.
  • Use props. Blocks, mats, towels, and chairs can be used to adjust your poses to make them more comfortable.
  • Modify poses when necessary. Make adjustments so you don’t overstress yourself.  
  • Start by taking classes with special instructors. Choose low impact classes like Iyengar yoga, instead of power yoga or Bikram yoga. 
  • Go at your own pace. Don't worry about keeping up with other yogis. Find the modifications and tempo that works for you.

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