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2017 Holiday Gift Guide from Earth Therapy (+15% Off)

Earth therapy holiday guide 2017

Buying gifts for friends and family can be nerve-racking. The hustle and bustle of the holidays and weekly social gatherings can leave us drained before the New Year even starts.

Luckily, you can keep your cool and help your loved ones do the same by shopping Earth Therapy products that were created to heal and boost overall wellness!

Regardless of who you’re shopping for, there’s something that everyone can benefit from.

His & Hers

Is there a sweet couple in your life that you want to shower with wellness?

Titanium bracelets are great for relieving muscle soreness and improving circulation. The powerful rare earth magnets deliver effective healing to make a great gift for anyone. You can purchase the flattering and functional bracelets together to give a couple the gift of healing magnetic therapy!

Recommended Gifts:

Pure Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Duo-Tone Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Mom & Dad

Your parents likely played a huge role in your life. Why not return the favor with some feel-good gifts?

For mom, we love the aromatherapy pendant. It lets you take the soothing effects of your favorite essential oil wherever you go. Get it in silver or rose gold to give your mom a healing and stylish gift that matches her favorite jewelry.

Dad can have his own piece of healing jewelry, too! An elegant copper cuff bracelet helps relieve wrist pain and gets him back to doing his favorite activities.  

Recommended Gifts:

Rose Gold Aromatherapy Pendant for Essential Oils

Silver Aromatherapy Pendant Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Pure Copper Magnetic Heavyweight Cuff Bracelet for Men

Mindful Yogi

Is there a yogi in your life? The Buddha root chakra bracelet gift set comes with lava and hematite, two healing stones that are known to bring emotional peace, aid tranquility, and possess powers to bring the mind, body, and spirit into harmony.

They can even use their favorite essential oils on the lava stones for an added soothing effect. Just a couple of drops of essential oils on the bracelet brings a comforting scent all day long, and adds tranquility and harmony to your yogi’s practice.

Recommended Gifts:

Buddha Root Chakra Bracelet Set  

Lively Athlete

We all know that an athlete’s joints tend to take a beating more than others. You can help keep them going with the healing powers of compression gear. Copper compression stabilizes and reduces vibrations in the skeletal muscles to help improve performance and mobility while simultaneously reducing odor.

Compression can be used on arms, legs, feet, and pretty much any area where joints may be affected.

Recommended Gifts:

Copper Knee Compression Sleeves

Copper Compression Socks

Copper Elbow Compression Sleeves

Everyone Else

Is there someone you want to buy a gift for but have no idea what they could want or need? You can’t go wrong with a sleek piece of jewelry that also doubles as inconspicuous joint and muscle care!

A copper bracelet can be worn by anyone experiencing pain and inflammation for natural relief and an improved quality of life.

Recommended Gifts:

Basic Copper Bracelet

 You can see all of the gifts mentioned by visiting our Earth Therapy Gift Guide!

Earth Therapy holiday gift guide 2017